Big Sky Mini Farm

Under the big blue skies of Western Montana, a small homestead sits on 10+ acres. A family of four raises heritage livestock and products to provide for the animals and family. From Katahdin Hair sheep to the Kunekune pigs, all animals are treasured and cared for with the upmost concern for their quality of life.

Sustainable Breeds

Here at Big Sky Mini Farm, we strive to support and utilize sustainable breeds. This means animals selected for hardiness, feed efficiency, ease of management/handling, and safe around humans of all ages.

Accurate Evaluation and Placement

To support the heritage breeds we have chosen, we are careful to fully evaluate the quality of each animal born here. We serve multiple markets: Meat, Pet, Breeding Stock, and Exhibition. Our goal is always to provide the right animal for the right home.

Sale Barn

Most of our animals go to homes on our waitlist, but occasionally we have additional breeding stock or young animals available.