Kunekune Pigs

We raise Kunekune pigs for their easy-going temperaments, delicious meat, and correct conformation so they thrive on pasture grass. Our piglets go to breeding programs across the country, as well as grow out homes/butchers, and pet homes for those who love the quirky personalities and fun colors of the Kunekune breed. 

Big Sky is a member of both the American Kunekune Pig Registry (AKPR) and the American Kunekune Pig Society (AKKPS). We typically offer single registration with each breeding quality piglet, and can discuss double registry options with you.

Registered Sows

PGF Tapeka 2– Elsa
Mendel x Carson 2015

Elsa came to us as an adult from Oregon. She’s large and gives her growth rate to her piglets! Elsa is the perfect mother.

RSVP Jenny 19 – Twiggy
Ziggy x Vittles 2017

Twiggy just joined the herd in 2020, and is hopefully bred! Stay tuned 🙂

DWF Haunene 8 – Poppy
William x Harper 2017

Poppy just joined our herd in September 2020, and is our first Haunene sow. We are excited to see her future piglets.

BBK Jenny 25 – Charlotte
Abraham x Penny 2017

Charlotte recently joined our herd and she has two gilt (female) piglets out of Wilbur.

BIGSKY Wilsons Gina 1 – Wibeau
Lincoln x Beyonce 2018

Wibeau was born here to two of our favorite pigs! She has a gorgeous long coat in all seasons, and lives up the valley as a pet. We breed her once a year and her first 2020 litter was gorgeous! Looking forward to her future litters.

BIGSKY Tapeka 4 – Pua
Seven x Elsa 2020

Pua is our pick gilt from the litter of TWELVE in 2020! Stay tuned to see her grow.

ICON BH Rebecca Gina – Uma
? x Baby 2020

Uma is coming this Fall from a friend in Washington state. We are so excited for this little girl with her rare sow line.

Registered Boars

BIGSKY Ru 1 – Junior
Billy Idol x Cali 2017

Junior is a smaller boar around 200 lb, but his leg conformation is wonderful, straight and upright. 

BBK Mahia Love 46 – Wilbur
Everett x Coddlewomple 2017

Wilbur joined us with Poppy and Charlotte. He’s a high-white and has a large frame. We look forward to using him in our program!

BIGSKY BH Tutaki 1 – Tut
Seven x Elsa 2020

Tut was the largest, most correct male in the 2020 Elsa/Seven litter. We are going to watch him grow over the next year before we decide whether he is breeding or eating quality.

RBFO Mahia Love 1 – Pudge
Hamilton x Doris 2020

Pudge is from a farm down the Bitterroot, and we brought him in for his pasterns.

Past Piglets