Kunekune Pigs

AKPR Registered Boar

RBFO Mahia Love 1 – Pudge
DOB: June 23, 2020
Mahia Love x Tapeka line
Double Wattled

Pudge is from a farm down the Bitterroot, and we brought him in for his nice pasterns. He is super sweet and easy to handle.

Pudge offers: Nice leg conformation, straight back, two wattles, proper temperament and classically great lines for meat production.

We have since brought in an older Mahia Love/Tapeka boar and are listing Pudge to prevent close line breeding.

Price: $750, including registration transfer with AKPR
*$1200 as a pair for Pudge and Ruby*

Unregistered Gilt from Reg Parents


DOB: July 11, 2020
Rebecca Gina x Andrew
Double Wattled

Ruby is a gorgeous, deep ginger and black (minimal) gilt. She is growing a beautiful long coat and has kept up well with our larger piglets in the grow out pen.

We purchased Ruby with the understanding that she would be registered, but the seller has not responded to follow up requests for information or papers. We don’t keep unregistered stock, and even though we would love to have these lines in the herd, can’t keep her if her papers don’t come through.

Price: $550, without papers. 
*$1200 for the pair, Ruby and Pudge.

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